Meet the Doctor Night
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If you are a prenatal patient

Our next meet the doctor night is on:

DATE:     Wednesday, May 25th 2016

TIME:      7pm – 8pm

PLACE:       Peace Arch Hospital

15521 Russell Avenue, White Rock

Meeting rooms 1&2 (Basement)

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"Man imposes his own limitations, don't set any"

-Anthony Bailey



One of the greatest benefits of running is how it contributes to one’s overall health.

Some of the many benefits of running include:



  1. Win the battle of the bulge – many people start running in order to lose weight.  Running is also an excellent cardiovascular activity that helps maintain your weight as well.
  2. Prevent muscle and bone loss – sitting in front of a computer all day contributes to the weakening of your bones.  Running helps to keep your skeleton in top shape.
  3. Fight disease – running reduces the risk of stroke and breast cancer.  Running also reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart.  People at high risk or early stages of osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension see improvement when adding running to their health care regime.
  4. Stress relief – whether you jog, run or sprint, tension, headaches, anger and aggression melt away and help you to feel less stressed.
  5. Versatility – running is a traveler’s best friend.  It is one of very few activities that you can take to the summer cabin or Paris and back again.


Starting to run is as easy as finding a good pair of running shoes and getting off the couch!  So get out there and GO!


(Before beginning any new exercise program, make an appointment with your doctor.)


Walk.  Run.  Live well.



Dr. S. Strovski

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To provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment in which patient concerns are actively listened to and patients are offered the best and most appropriate medical adivce and encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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